Cabinets? Yes please!

After the floor was done being sealed and all the sanding that needed to be done was done, the tarp came down between the kitchen and dining room. Can I tell you how weird it was to once again have that open space in the house? It was like Christmas.

& then it began – bottom cabinets started going in!!

We chose simple white maple cabinets because we love that farmhouse look. It flows with the theme we have in the rest of the house and its really clean, bright and airy – a design we love.


The floor has been giving a little bit of problems as its not 100% level (not that shocked based on all the other curveballs this house has thrown us) but our contractor is doing a great job of making everything come together. 
So from the left of the kitchen to the right:
The refrigerator will be in that left space.
The doorway was opened up to create a more open feel in the kitchen. The cabinets will come out from the space a bit, but there still exists a nice entryway and I think the end result will look great. 
To the right of the above cabinet is an open space for the dishwasher and then (below) the cabinetry for our gorgeous farmhouse sink. I cannot WAIT to have that installed!
Next come our corner cabinets with our “super susan” (because its massive). I am so excited for the left vertical cabinet for trash and the right vertical for baking pans. New kitchens are fun! 
Next a space for our stove and then another cabinet and our huge pantry area. This is going to be wonderful. I cannot fathom not having this tall cabinet once I saw it. It’s going to be wonderful.
Bottom cabinets happening people. It’s happening.
We still have the top cabinets to go (along with countertops, appliances and backsplash. maybe some paint in there somewhere & molding finishes) but we see the light at the end of the tunnel! 

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