On the threshold

Our new kitchen floors have been stained and are ready to have cabinets and appliances sit on them! We are so so excited. Another step complete.




We are so excited!!! I just love hardwood floors. Happy that we have carpet upstairs but as far the downstairs goes, it looks phenomenal.Β 
The color of the wood floor does not exactly match the rest of the hard wood in our house. As I previously touched on, the floors throughout the house (not the kitchen) were original, unstained wood. So those were sanded down and refinished. Where as with the kitchen – this is all new hardwood, untouched. So the kitchen floors are also natural, no stain. When you’re dealing with unstained wood matching it is pretty difficult. That being said, we like the contrast. This is an old farmhouse with character and charm and the floors make it that way. We’re very happy with the outcome!
The threshold also turned out great. We ended up having it be a sloped piece of wood, in order to minimize anyone tripping going in and out of the kitchen area.Β 
This photo shows the contrast between kitchen and floor better, too.

I just love it! Im constantly amazed at how this house keeps becoming our home. I love it more and more every day and can’t wait to start the next project (after a 3 month hiatus from projects!)


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