Floor! FLOOR!!

I came home from work today and, after eating dinner and putting some things around the house away, I got cozy and curled up on the couch. & then it hit me – they started the floor in the kitchen today! How did I forget this?

So I hurried into the kitchen and tried to calm my high level of excitement. Pulled back the tarp a little….

And BAM – there they were – beautiful hardwood floors were down!

Oh my gosh. This is like Christmas. 

In this photo you can see the different colors in the wood from the kitchen to the dining room. The floor will be finished to match the dining room as closely as possible. Since the floors in our house are all original and were refinished, and the kitchen wood floor is new, Im not sure how eaay that is going to be.

We will also be adding about an inch thresh hold to join the two rooms because unfortunately the floors arent flush with one another. As long as its not something anyone will trip all over, Im good with that.
Also – my beautiful beam got hacked at today because we had to have it flush in order to put drywall over it. Poor, pretty beam. 

I cannot wait for the next week to happen! I feel like its all going to come together pretty quickly now and that makes me SO happy and SO excited!! 
Stay tuned – there might be a big reveal sooner than we all think!! 

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