Mudded and primed.

I’d say we’re two weeks away from having our kitchen. Two weeks! Oh please let it be two weeks.

The drywall is ALL up in the kitchen and entryway. It’s all up and mudded and even primed. Luckily for us there isn’t enough space to actually have paint on the walls (most space will be taken up by cabinets, which is fine because we need all the space we can) so we don’t have to worry about picking another paint color. Which again, is fine with me.
You know whats pretty cool? Our bathroom is drywalled as well. We’re going to be leaving it at that for awhile (funds) but at least I dont feel like Im in a weird bathroom in the mountains. Also no bats can get in. Win!!

Good. Drywall makes me happy.
Ok ok back to the kitchen.Β 

The wooden beam is currently exposed but after discussing if we could keep it exposed it was decided to just cover it. The cabinets will lay too close to it and it would just be harder to keep it exposed, even though I love it! I’ll know in my heart thats its still there.

Now the floors. We are going to be putting hardwood down. We have hardwood floors throughout and with the size of the house it made sense to us to have the flow the same and keep the hardwood throughout. SO, that’s next on the list. Fingers crossed all goes as planned and cabinets can go up after that.Β 

We also picked out the countertop today. We are going with quartz. Super hardy and durable and at the same time gorgeous. We went with a white that has dots of gray in it for a nice contrast. I think it will be gorgeous. Again, fingers crossed.


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