The most exciting part of my week – DRYWALL!!

The kitchen has *drumroll please* DRYWALL! Its 80% finished. The mudding will happen when the rest of the drywall is in place. Saying that we are excited is an understatement. We are more than ready to have a kitchen and put our home together. To have a flow to this house!! 
The outside of the house, near the kitchen, is still full of materials. Concrete, wood, dirt. The dogs literally hang out there. They think their on vacation. It’s random what dogs think are the coolest places in the world. But hey, whatever keeps them busy.

Onto this kitchen – yes!!

We decided to close the gap that exposed the stairs. As far as tying everything together, it made sense. It would have been great to have the exposed look but cleaner lines won on this one.

We also rose the door way quite significantly (I may have mentioned that before). I LOVE IT. It makes everything just feel so much more open and larger. Great decision. (The view is looking towards the basement stairs. Side door on the right, stairs on the left)
In order to fit the cabinets into the new space, we had to bring in the entryway space a little bit. You can see in the photos where the new beams have been put in (drywalls up on the left side). You can especially tell by where the top beam now is, as that used to perfectly framed the entryway. 

I cant wait to see what the whole space looks like WITH the cabinets. Let’s all cross our fingers for the next couple of weeks. & then that tarp is coming DOWN. 
It’s so close I can taste the food that I will be cooking!! 


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