We got insulation!!!!

This is a pretty big day. We came home this afternoon from a weekend away and a few things happened that are pretty exciting in terms of getting this kitchen done. #1, the new door is up. & I LOVE it. It actually opens and closes and looks awesome.

Our door before: (I couldn’t find one of it actually on the hinges in the space, so this will do for now. Also, does anyone want an old door?)

Our door after:

I just love it & think it looks fantastic. & as I said, it opens. Which is always a bonus.
Ok #2 fun thing that has happened – our kitchen (& bathroom) have been insulated! We had the foam sprayed in both rooms over the weekend. Since we as well as the dogs were gone, and it can get pretty fumey, it was the best time to do it. 
The kitchen is really coming together now. Another piece of the puzzle done! 
Here is the bathroom first (everything is wrapped up now, as far as walls and ceiling. I know the curtain rod set up is something you all envy).

& now the kitchen. I apologize for the poor lighting. Its all tarped off and the only light is from the door so I did the best I could.
So this is looking up into the ceiling. Those are the beams that our new ceiling will be on.
This is looking at the new window. To the left is the new door. 

We raised up the doorway significantly. Since we thought we were getting tons of height in the kitchen, and now are not, this helps make things feel a bit bigger. I love the idea of opening it up.

This is looking to the door and the stairs going down into the basement. 

Again, looking at the new kitchen window and the right wall (which the bathroom is behind) of the kitchen.

The new beams running across the ceiling.

Looking down the basement stairs, which is right off the kitchen. We were toying with keeping the stairs open. They are in really good shape and just require a little bit of clean up. Depending how the drywall will go in the area, we’ll see what happens. 

Big things happening over here at the farmhouse! Electric will start in the next couple days and drywall is set to get started on Tuesday. We might have a kitchen soon enough!! 


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