Oh I hadn’t mentioned the bathroom?

Ahhh yes, the bathroom. Since the kitchen is adjacent to the bathroom, when all these foundation issues happened it also affected the bathroom. Hey, another reno we can start early! 

So as you can see, the two rooms are directly next to one another., separated (obviously) by a wall.
This meant that replacing the kitchen wall and putting in the foundation meant we had no choice but to address the bathroom as well. So we cleaned out our ONLY BATHROOM and the cabinets and walls came down. New framing was put in (below is where the new window will go, it was awkwardly in the shower before). I feel like Im up north for some reason. In a cabin. In the woods. 

^^^ you can see the new foundation right there in the photo above. Anything to keep the mice out!
We will get insulation and dry wall put up, but for now it’s just a awesome, empty bathroom. Luckily Troy and I are pretty darn easy when it comes to this stuff, so Im not minding too much that its like this. The shower is the hardest part. The toilet still works and we have a sink so this will do for now.

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