Oh, the foundation needs to be replaced.

I keep doing this whole “where did I leave off?” thing, but seriously – where did I leave off?

So the beam that was placed in the kitchen has done the job at lifting the roof line. However while discovering all the roof issues, we ended up having to tear down the entire kitchen wall because of foundation issues. Hurray. The journey continues.

The picture below is when the wall started being torn away. The beams you see are still supporting the roofline and at that point really, the wall. The bottom siding of the house had been removed in order to replace and repair the footing of the foundation.

Watching the wall being torn down was terrifying. I think in the back of our minds we knew that it would be bad, that there was more hiding behind that wall. but again, we knew we were getting into this when we bought the house so even though all of this has been madness, it’s been somewhat expected.
The huge concrete slab that was kind of “patio” was making it hard to really see and/or fix the issues in the foundation. So it was decided it all had to come up. I was OK with this, as it was pretty ugly and would have been replaced later. You never know how much concrete you have until it has to go away.
Once the concrete was all gone, more of the walls were removed and it was determined that a new foundation wall had to be built. This literally HAD to be done, as the kitchen floor was essentially floating. So a trench was dug and the building of a new wall began.

& yes, that’s totally the inside of the house you see.Β 

As much as a pain this all is, we are lucky that these issues were discovered before we put in a new kitchen. I couldnt have imagined the floor giving out on a new kitchen, and having to deal with it then. We’re very fortunate that all these things will be taken care of and we dont have to worry about it again.


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