It’s like Mario Brothers over here.

As with any reno little things happen outside of the actual process taking place in order to complete the project as a whole. So all the pipes are being observed in the basement so we can figure out which lines will go to a dishwasher, sink, line for the stove, etc. During this process it was discovered there were many pipes that served no purpose. Interesting no? Pipes that went nowhere and pipes that were capped off entirely.

The decision was made to take out all the useless pipes. I mean, why not. They don’t need to be there. & there was one pipe that T & I hit our head on nearly constantly & that one NEEDED TO GO. So now it’s like Mario Brothers over here, pipes everywhere. At least they are OUT.

Roxy is ever curious about this house. Probably wonders on a constant basis what the heck is going on around here and why there are things everywhere.Β 


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