Kitchen remodel – Phase two

Now the super awesome fun times part: really pulling out the walls and ceiling. We have a classy tarp up now completely cutting off our kitchen from the rest of the house. The dust and grossness of the demo is insane so Id like to keep as much of it out of the house as possible, obviously.

Quick recap of where we are currently at. The ceiling tiles have been removed but there is still more ceiling to take out. We also have to tear out the plaster walls and all the lath and insulation that’s there.

Now the side walls (which are plaster and lath) are going to start to come down. The window wall plaster literally crumbles if you even touch it. The right wall, which is also our bathroom hallway, should be pretty easy to clean out. The other side is already drywalled so hopefully there wont be much of an issue there. The left wall is paneling. So that will come down, we’ll pull off that plaster and then the lath underneath. Hurray.
Tear down of the ceiling went pretty well. We have run into a bit of a problem because we were hoping to gain more height. Our roof line slopes down (not sure how we didn’t notice that before) so now we have to figure out how cabinets are going to work. It’d be REALLLLLLY nice to have some more height, but what can you do. 

& then, there’s this wall. 
Troy was tearing out this wall when a mom and her dozen baby mice, still attached to her, fell out of the wall. Nope. Done. I can handle a lot of things, I really can, but not mice scurrying around in my house. Cannot do it. Before we could sweep her up and put her outside she found a hole in the floor and now resides somewhere in the basement. We have traps everywhere. Even more important to seal off the rest of the house – those things aren’t getting near me!!!
So after that I mainly was the clean up crew, while Troy continued tearing things out. I couldn’t be in there without thinking something was going to fall on me. VALID!!
We got pretty far. The right and left walls are gone and gutted. All’s that left is to move the radiator (somehow), get the sink out of there and tear that entire wall out. 
We have run onto a little problem (& there’s always at least one isn’t there??). The roofline is a little shotty. There’s some pieces falling off (you can see the ply wood from the roof directly above the wood slats) and we’re going to have to do something to fix it.
At best we replace the entire kitchen roof and raise the slope. At worst we put in supports and jack it up a little to make it stay put. No water is getting in that we can tell. & after how bad the winter is, we’re pretty sure we’re good on it being dry. However, we have to make a decision on what to do with this. 
& Roxy was just mad we wouldn’t let her help!!

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