Kitchen remodel – Phase one

It’s hard to believe we are THIS CLOSE to having a new kitchen. We have never had a completely new, designed by us, kitchen. So it’s pretty exciting to literally say “this is what we want”. That being said, we have to start from the beginning and gut the old kitchen. We moved all of our things (small appliances, pots & pans, glasses, etc.) into our dining room. Hooray – more demo!!

Original kitchen: (this photo is from when we first bought the home)

This is what we’ve been living wtih for the past month or so. It was pretty functional. Dishwasher has never worked but Im OK with washing four things a day. & no, our fridge isn’t blue – we never took the wrapping off, knowing we would be remodeling.Β 

From what we can tell the cabinets, except for the doors I would guess, were all handmade and hung probably by the homeowner. Behind the grate in the back left is a MASSIVE radiator. Weighs literally probably as much as an elephant, so that might be a chore to get out.

Let’s start the demo!

I could not WAIT to get that wood paneling off – it’s one of the last places in the house that has it! The closet off of our guest room has some as well, but its a lighter color.Β 

We found some treasures in the ceiling. We think someone liked hiding their things up in the rafters. We couldn’t help and laugh at it! I love finding things like this.
Next up – taking out the ceiling and walls (i.e. HUGE MESS)……

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