Picking the perfect paint

So thrilled to FINALLY BE PAINTING! Personally, I love painting. My husband rolls it on, I cut in. I have the patience to go reallllllly slow and make sure nothing gets on the molding. Hubby cannot cut in. I think he’s tried once or twice and within three minutes I hear “shit!”, which is the point I say “just stop, I’ll do it.” We have a nice little system down and become a fantastic team when it comes to painting a room. So far we have our guest room downstairs painted and our dining room painted. One more room to go, the living room, and we will tackle that tonight.

In the guest room we went with Benjamin Moore’s Wickam Gray. It is a nice neutral color that can be easily decorated with. That was the goal with most of the paint we chose. Nothing too bold, we will leave that to the decor!

For the dining room we chose Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue. LOVE the color. Absolutely love it. It really makes the molding in the house look amazing. It was hard to get a great picture due to the lighting in the room, so I have some close ups so you can really see the color. In person its stunning!
New light fixture also, and if you can see, we have plugs in the walls now, too! It’s so weird to see this house coming together. As I’ve said often, I cannot wait to live here.
It’s funny to me how different the picture on the left and right look, just based on lighting. The picture on the left is far more accurate as to what the color looks like. The one on the right, which is in the same hallway, I just rotated my body, looks more green. Lighting is everything when it comes to paint!
Maggie wasn’t the BEST help when it came to painting but we found that she adores the sliding door and watching everything that is happening. It’s perfect for her!Β 
Stay tuned for the BIG paint project, our living room!

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