Cozy carpet!

We decided a long time ago to put carpet in the upstairs of the farmhouse. We have beautiful hardwood floors downstairs but we wanted a little bit more cozy upstairs. Plus carpet would take away some of the noise. Refinishing the floors upstairs also would have been a pain considering one room was painted and the glue from the carpet was still very much intact and not in any mood to be removed easily. but really I just wanted cozy. & that new carpet smell!

My before and after pics are really terrible. I cannot seem to master being in the same spot for the before AND after pic, but Im getting better. Kind of. Anyway..


You get the gist. Wood floors, painted grey. Glue everywhere. Bring on the cozy!


 Yea!! That is our hallway. The wood beam you see to the left will become a handrail, once we move everything in. It’s much easier to move furniture upstairs when you don’t have to lift everything OVER a railing.

Here’s some more photos for good measure:

I absolutely LOVE new new carpet!! 

        Im bummed that the wonderful new carpet smell will leave soon. 
Next up: the floor downstairs is finally refinished and BEAUTIFUL!

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