Beginning the garden – indoors.

I’ve been told by those who know WAY more than me in the gardening department that I should wait until after Memorial Day to plant anything. Something about not having to worry about any more frost taking place. Since I just could NOT fathom not having some flowers in my life, I started planting in my home in a tiny little greenhouse thingy (sorry gardeners, I have no idea what they are called). This way when the time comes I can plant these in pots or in the front of the house (which I still haven’t decided what I’m putting there). I love trying new things – especially if they work out!

I went for a fun flower that I of course thought would be gorgeous – zinnia. I’m hoping they are as beautiful as the photos. Again, Im very new at this. I had no idea the seeds were so tiny and that there were so many of them. I only planted about 2-3 seeds per hole. This is what the directions said. I follow directions.

It’s been about 5-7 days since I planted the seeds. Look!
Literally the most exciting thing to see. I do get excited easy, so if you know me you know how I reacted when I saw these: “YES!!! Hurray!” The hard part will be dealing with them once they get a little bigger. I will have to take the top off soon to allow them to gain some height. but this has been so fun so far I think that I will do the same with some other flowers.Β 
After Memorial Day, when I have perfectly landscaped the front of the house area and made a nice little space to plant SOMETHING, I’m probably going to drop these seeds:
There’s a great place right in front of the red barn that I want to clean out and put these there. The problem is I don’t think there will be enough sun. There are A LOT of trees on our property so I think I will have to be careful what I plant and make sure shade is OK. Like, LOTS of shade.Β 
Either way – I’m looking forward to having lots of little gardens!!


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