Revamping our curb appeal!!!

I spent the better part of the day ripping these branchy windy plant things out of the ground and away from my pretty wagon wheels (or what remains of the wagon wheels). 
They were seriously a pain. I started by cutting away all the branches I could and then just started pulling. The problem was those roots were cutting into the stairs and the brick of the porch which meant getting them out of there wasn’t easy. 
It already looks so much better. They were eventually going to grow into the foundation and I dont want anything busting that beautiful fieldstone. They weren’t flowering or doing much of anything so I don’t feel that bad about it. Not sure why I didn’t take a picture of the ENTIRE front, but this will do.
Then I had this thought:
“I hate those rocks. I want to plant something there. I’m going to take out those rocks. It won’t be that hard right? They are just tiny rocks.”
 Lies. All lies. It was so hard! The rocks wouldn’t move, there was a layer of plastic (for drainage and weed purposes I presume) under them that had more rocks under that. Id fill the wheelbarrow with borderline nothing and have to go dump it. BUT all that being said, I got the left side done (I was out of steam after that). 
I’ve tilled it a bit and need to pull out a few rocks here and there as well as create a border where the flowers or plants (I haven’t decided yet) will go. but it looks so good! Im glad I did it.

Progress progress progress! Can’t wait to plant!!! 

One thought on “Revamping our curb appeal!!!

  1. HAHAH Never think rock anything is easy. I live in Rock hell here! Looking great, I am a tad jealous of the whole blank canvas to build from. I love landscaping.. drools.


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