Hubby & I took a little trip to an old apple farm up north, where a family was cleaning out their barn FULL of apple crates. Now when I initially found out about it I thought “so they have probably 50 or so, as most people usually have”. What I found out to be true was that this farm used to have 260 acres!! This barn was full full FULL of crates and various apple farming paraphernalia. Not all fully functional, lots were broken or just too old and worn to be usable. It was such a cool experience though to go up there & help this family get rid of a whopping 9 crates out of 3,000.

The barn was gorgeous. All old barn wood, tall, aged. They had ladders on the inside that were just gorgeous. If we had a use for ladders I would have bought two. but our little red barn is a joke compared to this barn!

Mice had definitely had a wonderful life in this barn. We just rummaged through everything and found what we wanted or needed. It was cool to just look around, too.Β 
In the end we went home with 9 functioning crates. I grabbed one that is hard wood and has two sections in it. Husband grabbed an old beer box for fun. We will always find a use for those things!
Were going to attempt to make a little shelf type thing for all our media crap in the living room. Something that goes with the theme of the house. I will save that project for another post!


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