Rock me mamma like a wagon wheel

These are our wagon wheels. Obviously there is just one in this photo, but we have two on either side of the stairs on the walkway of the house. Im having a hard time deciding what to do with 1. the wagon wheels, which I adore and 2. the horrible bush that is taking over the wagon wheel.
This is a photo of what the bushes look like when they are flowered. This photo was taken sometime in September when we first looked at the house.
This photo can be kind of misleading because there is a tree growing right in front of the left bush. 
From what I can tell, the right bush seems to be doing better than the left. 
Either way, a friend pointed out that the roots were growing into the stairs which in turn means they will be headed into the foundation of the home. I think my plan is to remove the bushes and start over with that landscaping. They aren’t really nice to look at, and we can put something really beautiful there to accent the house. 
The wagon wheels however, not sure about those.
The wood on the inside has for the most part all rotted out. Troy thinks that we can maybe get some wood and salvage the wheels, making them still able to stay in that spot (I mean come on they are really cool, it’d be great to get them in good shape) but I don’t even know where you would START to get wagon wheels fixed? So thats another task in itself.
& for good measure here’s a photo of the property in the Fall. 
I can’t wait to see what blooms in the Spring – come on Spring where are you?!


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