Our new coffee table – old warehouse cart!

Troy & I had the pleasure of buying an AWESOME old warehouse cart today. We will be using it for our coffee table in the living room. It needs some cleaning but we aren’t going to refinish it or anything. We love it just like it is. Rustic and gorgeous. Probably will put a coat of something on the top so people can put their glasses down without having a ring.Β 
It really is a thing of beauty!Β 
We bought it via Cragslist. A businessman purchased a semi truck full of these from North Carolina. These are real warehouse cards, used. I love the nostalgia! & for the most part they are in pretty good shape – there of course is wear and tear but thats to be expected. & its CHARACTER! He’s been selling them to anyone who wants one! The one we got still had writing on the side and the wheels have markings from whichever place they used to do their work. Such a cool piece of furniture! Its going to look pretty sweet in our living room.Β 
You can never go wrong with rustic furniture, it just can’t be beat!

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