Fun with tiles & ink!

Since I’ve packed up what I can and we can’t paint the new house for another few days I was getting SUPER antsy not being creative. SO I took the extra tile I found from our remodel and decided to get crafty. This is an easy DIY tile coaster idea. This is SO EASY even kids can do it. Seriously. It’s REALLY hard to mess up! & yes, I found this on Pinterest. 
Things you need:
1. 4×4 tiles (they are $.16 a piece at Lowe’s)
2. rubbing alcohol (mines from the dollar store)
3. alcohol ink (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby – $10 for a three pack. I got 2 packs so I would have more colors)
4. paper towel
5. sealant if you prefer (for when everything is DRY)

Let’s get to inking!
1. Wipe some rubbing alcohol on your tile surface. You will not need much. The more alcohol on the service, the more the ink will spread. I got big circles because there was more alcohol. I think less is more for this project, but its totally up to you.
2. Start dropping ink. In the first few tiles I did I just starting dropping dots. This still worked and it turned out beautifully BUT I didnt like the unfinished (white) edges. The smudging is due to me spraying sealant on it before it was dry. Wait a few hours to do this for sure.
So this time around I blotted the ink and dragged it along the edges to fill everything in before starting to drop ink blots. You do not need a lot as the alcohol WILL make the ink spread out.
3. Drop your dots! You can do this in any way you want, using any colors you want. Be creative! I found that letting things dry for about 30 seconds before dropping other dots made a completely different results. Play around with it. 

4. Keep dotting until you’re happy with the end result. If you are going to seal them, wait a couple hours. I sprayed mine too early and although it turned out OK, it made a difference in the look. 
The possibilities truly are endless. I am going to seal mine give them as coasters to friends. They make a great easy gift! 
I made a whole bunch of tiles tonight. They are each different and unique and I love them! It was just a fun little thing to do and play around with. 

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