Spring things!

This week we’ve been kind of cleaning up the property the best we can. Putting in the new septic tore up A LOT of grass, so right now its just really dirt and sand. Except for THIS!

Thats right! Plants are starting to sprout up from the dirt. This honestly is the exciting part to me. Seeing what kind and how many different flowers will com up. We know we have tulips for sure but we also think there are daffodils mixed in as well. With 4 acres of land it will be exciting to see what we have!

The driveway was grated out this afternoon (as you can remember from the pics, there was a lot of mud and a lot of deep grooves. We were one rain storm away from not being able to get in and out of our driveway. & with all the people coming and going lately, that wasn’t an option) & now we have a wonderful gravel mixture that should settle in the next few days. What a difference it makes! Now when we leave the driveway we don’t leave a half mile of mud behind us. Progress!


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