Doors, windows & an awesome barn slider.

Unfortunately the need to replace all the old doors in our house was great. While they are still wonderful old doors, refinishing them wasn’t a project we wanted to take on. We ended up installing two pocket doors to save space and getting new doors to match the decor of the home. So here we are, left with four old doors.

We also have tons of old windows from the installation of the new. Not really sure what you do with old windows. I suppose if someone wants them it could be a cool craft idea? Right now we have them all sitting in the garage. The metal frames ones I don’t mind getting rid of but I have a soft spot for the ones that are old and have wood framing. Im keeping them for now. I will use them for something!

& last but not least – our amazing sliding door in the garage/work room. It’s this beautiful old barn wood that probably at one point slid on the hinge. It can open up to let you come INTO the work room and then close, permitting the entire door to move on the slide. Unfortunately the bottom roller does NOT want to move so, once the weather gets nicer and every things melted, hopefully we can figure out what’s causing the hold up and get that thing moving again. It’s such a cool door!

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