The well house roof job

Hello friends! Today, it being a nice Michigan 55 degrees and sunny out, work started on the roof of our well house (at least we call it the well house. It probably was a well house? I digress). The well house itself is in good condition. I mean look at it – it’s adorable.

The inside has a wood floor, a ladder to the second level which could at some point have held hay or water. We were told by the previous owners daughter that growing up as kids they loved playing in this building. & why not? Its awesome!
So anyway since the well house is in good shape we plan to keep it in good shape. The roof, however, has seen better days. Thankfully our good friend Eric can re-shingle so today he started removing all the old shingles, replacing rotted wood underneath and putting new shingles on. We are excited!

Big thanks to Eric and his skills!Β 


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