New windows! & a mud pit.

We had new windows finally installed yesterday in the house. They look AWESOME. We did not replace the West side of the house as in the future we will be putting on some sort of mud room addition, so replacing the windows there doesn’t make sense. Also didn’t replace the kitchen or the bathroom as we have to remodel those rooms (eventually). The house already seems quieter! I didn’t know that could happen after the insulation and the walls but it’s true!

Aren’t the grates (I think thats what they are called? Could be totally wrong) beautiful? I love that we went with lines in both. Old farmhouse feel. Keeping it real!

& since the weather is getting warmer we had a TON of snow melt AND some rain which means our driveway is a MUD PIT. It’s getting difficult to go in and out but hopefully next week (we are supposed to get rid of the dumpster Monday or Tuesday) we will be having it evened out and be putting gravel down. Can’t have a driveway that doesn’t function as a driveway.


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