Why not start the kitchen demo?

Since we still have the massive dumpster on our lawn, we figured we might as well start tearing out some of the kitchen. The kitchen is small and outdated but were not too worried about the small part. We’re not big kitchen people. & in this house I think it would take away from the simplicity of it. The same wood paneling graces the kitchen walls and all the cabinets are literally screwed & nailed into the walls. We don’t need all the cabinets and its something to do while we wait out the other projects getting done. Kitchen demo is a lot more fun than tearing down walls!

Β  Β  This is before the demo began. We moved all the flooring to a safe place along with all the building materials that may get in the way.

& this is after the fun! We didn’t remove that much, but mainly because we don’t have to at this point. It still felt good to get it started & seeing that open space is rewarding. I honestly can’t wait to tear the entire thing out. Troy put a stop to that but I was ready to take it all down!


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