This winters been long – but we have drywall & wood floors!!

The winter has been and is brutal. With the days being so short, it was hard to have people out there since our electricity was mainly all pulled out and being reworked (it was all knob & tube. Since we had the walls ripped out it was the best time to replace everything). We ripped out all the carpet in the house in the mean time. & after what seemed like FOREVER, we finally got to see the dry wall go up!

This was also very fun because the house literally came back together. All the work over the months was so worth it to see these new walls go up, especially knowing everything underneath the walls was safe and sound. The best part? Knowing we would never have to do any of this work again. Unless a tornado comes through. But Im really trying not to jinx us.

Isn’t the transformation amazing!!?!?! We are just ecstatic. The floors downstairs (after some serious sanding and cleaning) are looking great. We have to move some boards around and do small repairs. Some of the boards have to be moved around. We will keep the hardwood downstairs and we have decided to carpet upstairs. Since it IS such a small house it will be nice to have a cozy space and also some QUIET. As much as we love wood floors – they are loud!


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