We knew we would need some new supports going up – just had no idea it would be this much! Our contractor put in new supports almost everywhere. We had to put in floor supports in the basement and basically build new walls upstairs separating the two bedrooms ((you could knock it down if you pushed hard enough). We put in a new closet area and widened the ceiling heading into the dining room. We also rose the stairway doorway a ton. Troy & my dad literally hit their heads on that so it was a must!

At this point I was so excited that we decided to take all the walls in the house down & do all this work NOW. I couldn’t even imagine living in the house & trying to do all this work. I thank you water damage above the chimney for getting all this going!

The amount of walls that needed to repaired and beams that needed to be replaced was incredible. Not that the house would have fallen down by any means but holy crap there were a lot of things wrong with the bones. We were starting to see the house build back up again, which was really fun to watch especially knowing we put in all that work to get to this point!


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