& down come the walls

After the chimney issues and seeing the beams going to nowhere, we decided to tear down the walls. This was a tough job. We ended up getting a massive dumpster brought to the house for all the debris we were tearing out. Troy & I did the wall tear down mostly on our own. Money saved when you demo yourself! My dad was our hero and came out one weekend to help. We finished everything the weekend he was here, and even had our first fire (we burned all the lath we pulled out). We’re pretty sure we ingested more dust, insulation and anything else you can have in house. I cannot tell you how happy I was once that part was DONE. Tearing down is only fun for a couple days and then we all think “OKAYYYYYYY we’re ready to be done”.

As you’ve probably surmised, we had to remove all the plaster walls. Such a bummer because plaster is always ideal. In this case it wasn’t in good shape and the cost of saving it would have been monumental so it just wasn’t possible. We removed all the plaster, walls and lath (also removing all the insulation). This brought us to the bare bones of the house. & you know what that meant next – drywall! & I didn’t have to do it! YEA!!


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