Water barrels!

When we first looked at our home I immediately noticed two built in closets in the living room, made from what looked like old barrels. We came to find out upon closing on the house that they were in fact made from old rain barrels (or water barrels I suppose) and literally built into the walls of the home. They are SO COOL. We aren’t sure if they came from the well house next to the house or not. Troy & my dad convinced me to remove them (as we had to get to the walls to replace support beams and move the radiator, re-finish floors, etc) and it would open up more space, but it was hard for me! I love them and the historic significance of them. but in the end, they were removed and honestly – it really did open up the room! We still have all the wood and hope to recycle it and make something fantastic for the house. Its such beautiful wood there’s no way I will get rid of it.


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