Patio projectΒ 

We’re in the process of building a little patio off of our new four season. It’s main purpose is to keep water away from the house. The land isn’t exactly level so it hasn’t been very fun nor very easy. but it’ll be pretty when its done! *positivity*

We bought the rocks fromΒ Stone ZoneΒ here in Grand Rapids. They have dozens of styles to choose from so that was a feat in itself, having to make a choice.


We ended up with blue stone. We think it adds a nice contrast to our existing field stone but is cohesive as well. & it was big enough that we didn’t need too much of it to cover the relatively small space.


Once you pick the stone you want they kind of leave it up to you to weigh it and get it to your truck. So you move each stone, one by one, or more if you can manage, onto a massive scale. You write down all the weight and pay for it, by pounds, at the end. We ended up getting smaller stones as well so this was quite a process.


So here we are, jut trying to put the puzzle together.



Stay tuned!